Friday, July 1, 2011

Ava had a birthday!

So just incase no one knew from the post below...Ava turned 2 last Friday. We had so much fun! Youngs for breakast and hanging with the cows in the morning and then Ava, Audrey, my mom and I got the pleasure of going to Butler Springs to see my sister lead worship and hang with my dad. It was a blast! That came has always held a special place in my heart since I went there from when you could first attend daycamp all the way through 12th grade. My have things changed to an extent but it still remains the same.  

Ava, Audrey, my dad, and I all went on this slide...its an old waterslide and you sit on fleece blankets to go down. I had my dad take Ava and then Audrey and I went. It was alot of fun...they never had this when I was younger :)

Once my dad and Christina got home the following day we decided to do the birthday celebration before heading to Michigan. Ava got a instrument set from my sister and it was like a parade going through my parents house that morning. 

I decided to bake her birthday cake..funfetti and strawberry cake with strawberries in the middle, the decorating was courtesy oF Audrey. It tasted great but I am no "Cake Boss"


these two are inseparable,they do everything from sharing cars at the store to making cookies with play dough


and then when we went to Michigan she was able to hangout with aunts, uncles, and grandparents and most of all..her new bff kate dog. She was obsessed. Kate was obsessed. they ran, played, shared food, and slept together and she was not nearly annoying as our dog ticking her off by licking her and knocking her onto the floor. It was such a great birthday weekend for so many reasons. I was sad that it had to end. 



god bless




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