Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My struggles

Why is it the weekend speeds on by but my week seems to drag so slowly. On Saturday, my sister Christina and I took our sister Becca out to lunch for her 21st birthday and I ended up spending a majority of my weekend in Xenia. I was able to play catch up with my best friend after she did a much needed dye job to my hair. Sunday we had house church, we were talking about the fact that if we have a bad day, view it as a reset button and when you wake up the following day remember it's a new day and a new morning...I am currently having a hard time with this. It is something I struggle with and I let the negativity get the best of me. 

I am exhausted and I miss Ava, I struggle more now with leaving her than when she was a newborn. I think part of it is because she is at a fun but challenging age and she hates it when I leave. There is so much I would like to do with her and not enough hours in my day to do it and it is hard for me. One thing that has really been focusing on and it has been a struggle for me is something Margaret Ashmore said at the Apex women's conference I went to awhile back and she said

"If you study the image of God, it will be imprinted in you"

She based this out of vs. 8 from the Beatitude's in Matthew, and it is so true. Sometimes I get so consumed by the negativity in my life...leaving Ava, the stresses of my job, and coming home with what seems to be a mile long list of things to do. Am I reflecting God's image in my day to day work or with people I witness to, in my marriage, or to my daughter. I need prayer and accountability for this, so fellow sisters call me out on it if I am failing in this. :)

God bless

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