Friday, June 24, 2011

things i have learned in becoming a mom

With Ava's birthday fast approaching well uh, tomorrow it has really made me start and reflect these last 2 years Time goes so fast…really it does, I can't believe today two years ago I was 9 hours into my labor, and literally had team Ava waiting for her arrival. The new kind of love you experience, I have never experienced the kind of love I have for my sweet girl. It's amazing and indescribable.

Patience…it's true patience is a virtue and I have learned A LOT of it.

How much funner (if its even a word) Christmas is. Ooomygosh I have so much playing Santa in the toy aisle. I think I enjoy it more than she does.

How much your music and video library expands…when Ava got a playlist on my ipod I knew there was no going back.

How much your children keep you going…even on the crappiest of days I know that I get to see Ava's smiling face at the end of it and it makes it all worth it.

The act of selflessness.

What an impression you can make on a life, I hope to make the impression on her that my mom has made in my life.

It's been a blast this past year from her and I know I get to experience many more. I am just taking the next two days to really soak it up and realize how much God has blessed me with such an amazing little girl.

god bless- cb

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