Thursday, September 6, 2012

such a slacker am I  :) I feel like my weeks...weekends...months have all been running together with trips, and photo shoots, and a sick babe. I recently participated in the Thrifty Love Gift Exchange, I was paired up with a blogger Jami (you can find her here) and you have a $10 spending limit to be thrifty and send a package to the person you are paired with. I must say I loved it, and I loved the salt and pepper shakers as well as the drying rag I got. Thank you Jami :) Since Ava sometimes gets up in the middle of the night I decided to put mini lights in the salt and pepper shakers and they light up our kitchen at night. 

Here are just some brief photos from our vacation to Charleston SC, we loved it. Jeremy and I went there a few years back for a wedding and fell in love with the area. This year for vacation we decided to go back and bring Ava this time. We stopped in Atlanta to hang out with family for a few days and had a blast. Ava seemed to fall in love with my uncle, part of it is because he is just a fun guy, and the other reason is because he would do WHAT.EVER he wanted..including wearing mardigras beads, including dancing around quacking like a duck. You can tell her no.  We had a good time though, just the three of us. We revisited some of our favorite places and restaurants from our last trip, as well as found some new favorites. I will never get enough of that place...the history, the food, the multiple beaches. Love it. I was sad to come home.


  1. I love the collage of photos, very cute! :)

  2. I'm your newest follower. :) Would love for you to come say hi at Sugar and Dots sometime! <3 XO, Kimmie

  3. LOVE the gift exchange idea! And don't you love Charleston?! My bffs and I went last year for our girls trip and fell in love with it. We're thinking of going back this summer : )