Monday, July 23, 2012


i have been slacking in the blog world :( we have had tons of stuff going on this past week. get me through this week and the next then its off on vacation we will go. for now, here has been the life of the butcher family.


ava and i got to spend the afternoon hanging out with my sister on saturday and we went to 2nd street market in downtown dayton, always have wanted to go there and i am in love. 


got a red velvet cake frape. delish.


and ava went for a cookies and cream popcicle with a oreo in the middle

yesterday my mother in law kept ava for the day, i got jeremy tickets for a reds game and we took of in the morning and spent the day in cincinnati. it was a great time, great game, but

here we are melting. 

this little guy...we became bestfriends. free small cups of ice, i think i got 4 because it was really hotter than hades...and i look like a lobster to prove it.


oh, and not to mention...we won!

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