Tuesday, July 3, 2012


lots of stuff going on, I feel like our weeks have been filled with craziness...here is some updates on the butchers. 
her obsession with tutus has far out exceeding anything I could imagine..because we wear them all.the.time.
ava and i got to spend the afternoon with my sister and went to 2nd street market for the first time. i have always wanted to go here, and soooo want to go back again.
i fell in love with this...red velvet frappe
and ava this...a cookies and cream popcicile with an oreo in the middle
jeremy and i went to a reds game, i got him tickets for fathers day...man was it hot!!!
it was a good time, reds one, and i got burnt to a crisp. i look like a lobster. swear.
cinci skyline, i am a city girl at heart. love it there.
this was my best friend...free cups of really small ice. i think i made 3 or 4 trips because it was really hotter than hades. 

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